Suicide Awareness Day.

Thursday 10th September is suicide awareness day, to raise awareness for this event the work team got together to take part in the If U Care Share Foundation ‘Inside Out’ campaign.

If U Care Share Foundation are a North East based charity whose aim is to help those who are feeling suicidal and help families dealing with bereavement following a suicide.

The campaign was designed to get people talking about their feelings and to raise awareness around suicide prevention as well as mental health. Those involved wore their clothing ‘inside out’ as well as ‘ask me why’ stickers, the purpose of this is to strike up conversation and encourage people to talk about how they are really feeling on the inside.

We spent the full day in our inside out clothes – in the office, out shopping, at the doctors and even at the gym!

So far we have managed to raise £280.00, the donation page will be live until 10th December 2015. All donations no matter how big or small are welcome!
click here to donate!

NESHEP business co-ordinator Bianca who arranged the awareness day would like to take this time to thank all of her colleagues who couldn’t be happier to get involved as well as a huge thank you to everyone who donated. The awareness day was a great success thanks to those involved!


The team in their Inside Out gear!
The team in their Inside Out gear!

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