National SHE Partnership

Established in 2013 the National SHE Partnership is committed to learning and sharing on a National scale, due to the global, unrivalled success of the EMSS Competency Management System and the fact that it is being adopted by a growing number of international companies across all industrial sectors, also following on from our regional group, the North East SHE Partnership was established in 1998 on the Wilton Site with 150+ member organisations, representing over 20,000 direct employees and has been sharing best practice and developing award winning solutions for over a decade. The plan is to scale this nationally and internationally through social media and networking events to encourage collaboration and ensure we continually develop in a global arena. This partnership will also provide key information to help the HSE in shaping policies and best practice and will provide a vehicle for the HSE to communicate through our members to the workface.

Our aim is to create a partnership between Health & Safety professionals to help drive safer working conditions and encourage collaboration and sharing of best practice in order to develop innovative solutions to industry wide problems

For more information on NSHEP and how you can become part of this growing development please see the link here.

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