Membership Commitment

Membership of the North East SHE Partnership requires a commitment to the promotion and maintenance of excellence in SHE management and performance. Demonstration of this commitment requires the following from each member:


  • Implementation of an annual SHE Improvement Plan so that an organisation’s safety, health and environmental management and performance can be systematically improved, year upon year. Audit of the implementation of this plan will further demonstrate your commitment to improve.


  • Submission of annual accident statistics so that the performance of member organisations in achieving a safer workforce can be measured and compared to our targets and to industry norms.


  • Participation in the bi-monthly meetings which is monitored (at the clients request) and essential to achieve our objectives to drive the improvement process forward and convince our customers of its value in keeping people safe and maintaining business efficiency


  • Payment of the annual subscription fee of £150.00 which provides funding for our administration, meeting arrangements, training and promotion initiatives.
    Please note that chasing subscriptions takes a huge resource away from being able to recruit new members and promote the Partnership to other organisations that may benefit from our huge pool of knowledge and valuable resources.

    *Members will not receive their membership certificate and will not be featured on our members page until subscriptions have been paid*